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The SecureStation design guidelines are now available and can be downloaded, for access to the download site please email David Fletcher


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The SECURESTATION project began in May 2011 and runs for a duration of 36 months. This project aims to address the problem that public transport in Europe, and in particular mass passenger transport, faces a range of threats to its security including a serious and sustained threat from international terrorism. Terrorism has a history of targeting mainline railway, metros and light railways both worldwide, for example in Mumbai (2006) and Moscow (2010), and in a number of EU Member States, including the UK (2005), France (1996) and Spain (2004). This project aims to reduce the risk of such attacks through effective design for new and refurbished stations which will minimise the probability of attacks occurring and reduce their impact. This will be achieved primarily through the project’s main products, a standardised risk assessment methodology and a design handbook.

Project objectives

The SECURESTATION project aims to improve passenger station and terminal resilience to terrorist attacks and safety incidents through technologies and methodologies enabling design to reduce the impact of blast, fire and the dispersion of toxic agents on passengers, staff and infrastructure. The four project objectives are:

  • To increase resilience of passenger stations and terminals through structural design, interior design, and building services design, while designing for security.
  • To ensure cost-effectiveness of countermeasures through application of risk analysis methodologies to prioritise actions taken in design and operation of passenger stations and terminals
  • To deliver a Constructive Design Handbook addressing new build and refurbishment cases to serve as a powerful decision support tool for owners and operators to increase station security and safety from terrorist bomb blast, CBRN attacks involving particle dispersion, and fire events.
  • To create harmonization and the standardization of risk assessment methodologies, technologies and design solutions thereby supporting wide application by the numerous EC public transport organisations and associated key stakeholders.

  • Consequently, the SECURESTATION project will produce the necessary tools to build safer and more secure infrastructure whilst providing maximum operating resilience. The project covers the development of Risk Assessment Methodology, specifically focusing on passenger stations/terminals and the development of a Constructive Design Handbook which will consider the design process for both construction of new stations and the refurbishment of existing stations, identifying key security considerations. These two key products will specifically aid station managers, infrastructure managers, architects and designers to embed security aspects from the earliest stages of station design and refurbishment projects ensuring that security is considered in the most cost effective and efficient ways. These two main outputs will be accompanied by dissemination activity at a transport security conference, and through an extensive End User group.

    Project structure & work packages

    Work package 1

    This work package will set up the project management infrastructure, to provide technical and administrative assistance to the project.

    Work package 2

    Design strategies and user requirements
    Station Design Life-cycle This work package will underpin and support the overall objectives of the project by compiling:

    • Critical inventory of threats, design strategies and risk assessment procedures in transport systems
    • User requirements for improvements to current systems
    • Review of technologies for designing for safety and security
    • Analysis of presentation methods for design guidance

    Work package 3

    Risk assessment methodologies for passenger stations/terminals and critical scenarios selection
    This work package will develop methodological tools for risk assessment by performing the following tasks:

    • Evaluation of existing risk assessment methodologies
    • Development of Risk Assessment Methodology specific to the scenarios considered in the project
    • Implementation of predictive tools for the assessment of consequences of risks

    Work package 4

    Constructive Design Handbook
    The Constructive Design Handbook is the major output from the project to station/terminal owners, managers, designers, architects and construction supply industries. This work package includes

    • Creation of the handbook
    • End User group review & subsequent update

    Work package 5

    Advanced Predictive Tool for physical and functional resilience in critical scenarios
    This work package will provide stakeholders with advanced modelling capability and means of analysis of critical security and safety scenarios. It will include:

    • Analysis of physical resilience
    • Analysis of functional resilience
    • Design strategies to improve the safety and security of passenger stations and terminals

    Work package 6

    Simulation of pedestrian behaviour and movements in emergencies for safe evacuations
    This work package will evaluate and identify improvements in both emergency procedures and resilient design solutions, to make actual and future passenger stations/terminals safer and more comfortable for passengers. Work will include:

    • Simulation of smoke spread
    • Simulation of passengers behaviour and movement in emergency situations
    • Full scale validation testing

    Work package 7

    Maximising the impact of the SecureStation results
    Facilitating the implementation of SecureStation results, assessing:

    • Socio-economic potential impact
    • Research into the acceptability of security options
    • Anticipating possible acceptance, gaps and limitations
    • Implementation Roadmap: Facilitating implementation, standardisation and harmonisation.

    Work package 8

    Dissemination and exploitation
    This work package will disseminate and enable exploitation of the knowledge generated by the SecureStation project. This will include:

    • Dissemination activity through technical articles and papers
    • Maintenance of a public website
    • Organisation of Workshops and dissemination groups for the user and scientific community.
    • Contribution to rail security seminars and meetings